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Order of Carmelites

The Order of Carmelites has its presence in India since 1982. The first canonically erected house of the Order in India – Carmel Nivas was constructed at Karukadam In 1991. The carmelite foundation in India was made a region and it became a commissariat in 1993. In 1994 Carmel Sadan was erected at Chettupuzha and at present it serves as the provincial house. Indian Commissariat was officially declared an independent province by our former Prior General, Most Rev.Fr. Joseph Chalmers in 2007. Very Rev. Fr. Mathew Neendoor was appointed the first Prior Provincial of St. Thomas Province of India. Now St. Thomas Province is blessed with sevety-three Priests, twent-five students in simple vows, seven novices and thirty students in initial formation.Based on our Chrism-Prayer, Fraternity and Service, we serve the Church in India through retreat Preaching,teaching at various Educational institutes, and undertaking various Social activities at different centers.

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Our province is always keen in spreading our presence among people irrespective of their caste, creed, or gender.Our education institutions play a vital role in this aspect.


Forming the younger generations and minds as the Carmelites and for the Church is of prime importance as far as the Province is concerned.


In a world engulfed by uncertainties, existential crises, irresistible attractions of the worldly pleasures,and weakened faith to show the true path, i.e.

Andhra Mission

Started in 1998, our mission in Andhra stands as a prototype of all our missionary activities in India.Our fathers leave behind all that are treated as valuable for the sake of the people who need their help.

Social & Humanitarian

Be a true human being is essential as far as a Carmelite is concerned and help others, especially the dejected and downtrodden brothers of Christ is of greater importance and an inescapable responsibility.


The Carmelite Constitutions (no. 91) referring to the apostolic mission of the Order in the Local Church declare that "the Carmelite mission shares in the mission of Jesus

Carmel Book Stall

Situated in Kothamangalm, Carmel Book stall opens up new vistas of activity to our friars. It stands as one of the media through which interactions with people become easier.

Mission Abroad

Our services are not limited to the Indian frontiers. The province is willing enough to send its members abroad for parish ministries understanding the need of the time of our Lord.

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